Project Management Principles

To achieve consistently effective results, PMPROS employs experienced project and program management specialists who adhere to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) framework. Our methodologies, refined over three decades of diverse industry experience, are scalable, structured, and flexible. These methodologies can be applied to new, existing, or problematic projects and programs. By aligning with PMBOK principles, our approach ensures that the defining, planning, and controlling of projects and programs are a repeatable, consistent, and successful process.

Project Cost Control

PMPROS's Project Cost Control services are designed to provide comprehensive financial oversight and proactive management to keep projects on track. Here's a breakdown of the key aspects:

  1. Building a Baseline Budget: Establishing a solid financial foundation for the project, ensuring all anticipated costs are accounted for.
  2. Conducting Earned Value Analysis (EVA): This involves calculating the Cost Variance (CV) and the Cost Performance Index (CPI) to measure project performance against the baseline budget.
  3. Updating the Cost Management Plan: Ensuring the financial plan remains relevant and aligned with project goals through continuous updates.
  4. Implementing Preventative and Corrective Actions: Addressing potential issues before they escalate and making necessary adjustments to stay on track.
  5. Managing Approved Change Requests: Ensuring all changes are well-documented, evaluated, and integrated into the project plan to ensure efficient change control and implementation oversight.

By focusing on process, discipline, and leadership, PMPROS effectively breaks down functional silos, engages stakeholders, and ensures projects are completed within budget, scope, and schedule. This comprehensive approach to cost control helps organizations achieve consistent success in their project endeavors.


Project Schedule Control

As part of our Project Schedule Control services we will complete the following for your project:

• Build an optimized schedule management system for your project
• Baseline the Integrated Master Schedule (IMS)
• Earned Value Analysis; calculate the Schedule Variance (SV) and the Schedule Performance Index (SPI)
• Determine the Project Schedule Baseline and compare against the current plan
• Develop appropriate preventative and recovery corrective actions
• Implement Approved Budget Change Requests (BCR)
• Update Schedule Management Plan

PMPROS project management services offer an objective, professional approach to managing the many constraints associated with the project and program implementation. PMPROS uses well established methodologies and leading concepts and practices, which may be applied to various types of projects.