• The value of strategy lies in execution
• Most organizations possess the talent to succeed but require structure, orchestration, and leadership
• Change is difficult but essential to continually evolve
• Process, discipline, and leadership are essential to project performance
• There are always more projects than resources; dilution kills performance
• Relevance engages and inspires participation
• Culture drives organizational performance
• The true measure of success is sustainable performance

Core Values:

• Honesty: Truth is paramount
• Integrity: Courage to choose the moral and ethical path
• Caring: Committed and dedication to service others
• Respect: Foster an environment that believes we are each important, relevant, and unique
• Responsibility: Accountability to contribute personally, professionally, and socially
• Excellence: Deliver value and quality beyond expectations
• Spirituality: Belief in the 3 in 1 God, and that Jesus is the Son of God
• Humility: Internal perspective that drives gracious behavior

Our Mission:

PMPROS’s mission is to exceed a client’s expectations, assist employees with achieving his or her career dreams. PMPROS’s is honored each time it earns an employee’s loyalty, and each time the company’s efforts positively influence our society and the world in which we live.

The PMPROS’s culture must, in a disciplined yet motivating fashion, forever embrace continuous improvement and teamwork and defy complacency in any format.

PMPROS’s endeavors to create relationships built on trust, inspire collaboration and achieve results. Many projects throughout the years have shown us that while strong leadership, technical know-how and clear communication are integral to every project, one of the primary common denominator to success is trust-based relationships. We understand the importance of client and employee relationships.